Month: May 2014

  • Một mai giã từ…

  • How to set up a printer in MFG/PRO

    goal: How to set up a printer in MFG/PRO fact: MFG/PRO All Versions fact: UNIX fact: Printers fix: MFG/PRO, like most other applications with reporting capabilities, allows you to send reports, files, and browses to a variety of output devices and printers either locally, or accessed via a network. There are several steps to configuring […]

  • Python book

    Programming tutorial : PythonNetBinder: Python Cookbook : Foundations_of_Python_Network_Programming_Second_Edition:

  • 10 bài không tên và tình khúc bất hủ

  • How to add subtitle and concat video file in a line with ffmpeg?

    I have 3 videos : 1387432825.avi, 1387435884.avi, 1387436066.avi and 3 subtitles for videos: part1.ass, part2.ass, part3.ass I try to add subtitle to each videos with commands: ffmpeg -i 1387432825.avi -vf ‘ass=part1.ass’ -preset ultrafast -y part1.mp4 ffmpeg -i 1387435884.avi -vf ‘ass=part2.ass’ -preset ultrafast -y part2.mp4 ffmpeg -i 1387436066.avi -vf ‘ass=part3.ass’ -preset ultrafast -y part3.mp4 Then, I […]

  • The Best of Bằng Kiều Time to relax with his songs.

  • Progress OpenEdge 32bit -Error -1012 when connecting to 64-bit Oracle database

    Error Message: ORACLE error -1012 see “ORACLE Error Messages and Codes Manual”. (1252) Unable to load shared library. (14945) Cause: Since Progress/OpenEdge is 32-bit, the 64-bit OCIW32.DLL/OCI.DLL cannot be loaded.The Oracle 64-bit RDBMS installation is shipped with a 64-bit version of the Oracle Client Interface (OCI) libraries.The 32-bit version of these libraries are not shipped with this […]