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  • Cô ấy

    Cô ấy! Có phải ở bên em,Anh vẫn nghĩ nhiều về cô ấy?Bởi vì em nhìn thấy…Trong mắt anh, cô ấy thật tuyệt vời… Cô ấy có mái tóc đen, trải dài quyến rũĐôi mắt sâu, khiến anh đã từng mất ngủ vì yêuNụ cười ấy trong anh hẳn phải rất kỳ diệu…Để trái tim […]

  • Some words per …

    Some words per day!!!   make up: make up your homework make up one’s mind = decide It’s a big decision, so take your time to make up your mind. work out: be successful I hope TIV project work out fine.try somethings out: testI promise I’ll try report out wear off: fade away It was […]

  • Một mai giã từ…

  • How to set up a printer in MFG/PRO

    goal: How to set up a printer in MFG/PRO fact: MFG/PRO All Versions fact: UNIX fact: Printers fix: MFG/PRO, like most other applications with reporting capabilities, allows you to send reports, files, and browses to a variety of output devices and printers either locally, or accessed via a network. There are several steps to configuring […]

  • Python book

    Programming tutorial : PythonNetBinder: Python Cookbook : Foundations_of_Python_Network_Programming_Second_Edition:

  • 10 bài không tên và tình khúc bất hủ

  • How to add subtitle and concat video file in a line with ffmpeg?

    I have 3 videos : 1387432825.avi, 1387435884.avi, 1387436066.avi and 3 subtitles for videos: part1.ass, part2.ass, part3.ass I try to add subtitle to each videos with commands: ffmpeg -i 1387432825.avi -vf ‘ass=part1.ass’ -preset ultrafast -y part1.mp4 ffmpeg -i 1387435884.avi -vf ‘ass=part2.ass’ -preset ultrafast -y part2.mp4 ffmpeg -i 1387436066.avi -vf ‘ass=part3.ass’ -preset ultrafast -y part3.mp4 Then, I […]

  • The Best of Bằng Kiều Time to relax with his songs.

  • Progress OpenEdge 32bit -Error -1012 when connecting to 64-bit Oracle database

    Error Message: ORACLE error -1012 see “ORACLE Error Messages and Codes Manual”. (1252) Unable to load shared library. (14945) Cause: Since Progress/OpenEdge is 32-bit, the 64-bit OCIW32.DLL/OCI.DLL cannot be loaded.The Oracle 64-bit RDBMS installation is shipped with a 64-bit version of the Oracle Client Interface (OCI) libraries.The 32-bit version of these libraries are not shipped with this […]

  • Using FFprobe to analyze a Video

    FFprobe is a simple multimedia streams analyzer with a command-line interface based on the FFmpeg project libraries. It may be used to print informations about the format and header of a multimedia file or stream, the multimedia streams and each single packet or frame. FFprobe may be used both as a standalone application or in […]