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[OpenEdge] AdminServer is not starting August 5, 2014


  • Tried to start the AdminService more than once using Windows Services
  • PROADSV -query shows that the AdminServer is not alive.
  • java process are still running in memory  
  • AdminServer port is in use
  • netstat -a shows port 20931, the default AdminServer port, is in use.

Root Cause:

  • Previous session did not finished properly. Java processes are hung.      


  • For UNIX, Kill any jvm processes that show from a ‘ps -ef || grep jvm’ command.
    Then restart the AdminServer with proadsv -start.
  • For Windows, Terminate all java.exe using Windows Task Manager.
    Make sure that that “Show process for all users” is turned on when looking for java.exe process.Restart AdminServer.


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