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Lỗi : "corflags : error CF001 : Could not open file for writing" when trying to modify a Controller EXE file November 5, 2014


Customer is trying to use ‘corflags.exe’ to modify a Controller executable (for example to solve problem in separate Technote 1508588). An error appears.


corflags : error CF001 : Could not open file for writing


The operating system cannot modify the EXE file.

There are several possible causes for this:

  • Scenario #1 – Windows user running the command prompt does not have NTFS write access to the file
  • Scenario #2 – EXE file has the “read only” file flag ticked
  • Scenario #3 – Someone has got the EXE file (for example the program is running in Windows)

Resolving the problem

The solution varies depending on the cause:

  • Scenario #1 – Modify NTFS permission, or launch Command Prompt as a different (administrative) user
  • Scenario #2 – Right-click on the file, click “properties” and untick “read only” attribute.
  • Scenario #3 – Close the EXE file (currently running in Windows).

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