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How to Setup E-Mail Definition Maintenance in QAD .Net UI with Unix/Linux Servers June 27, 2014

Part 1: Go to E-Mail Definition Maintenance (36.4.20, mgemmt.p)


  1. E-Mail Definition – choose a value, such as a group, user name, etc.
  2. Operating System – UNIX (Windows Server require a different set up).
  3. Start Effective – 01/01/00, leave End Effective blank.  (this can be set to date(s) desired)
  4. Hit Next.
  5. Description – choose a description for this e-mail definition.
  6. Path and Program Name – enter the path to the e-mail program (in this example we are using mailx, using which in Linux we can determine the patch to the mailx executable as /bin/mailx).
  7. Command Line Parameters – this is used to format the output sequence to the mail program being used, see screenshot below for settings using Linux mailx.
  8. Start Effective – 01/01/00, leave End Effective blank. (again, this can be set to date(s) desired).
  9. E-Mail Command – this line is automatically formatted based on the Command Line Parameters, this can be used to verify the syntax of the e-mail sequence is correct.
  10. Click Next, a prompt will appear “Send Test E-Mail Message Now?”, click NO

Part 2: Go to User Maintenance (36.3.1, mgurmt.p), and open a desired user.


  1. Add a valid definition to E-Mail Def (in this example it is simply called email).
  2. Enter a valid e-mail address for the user in E-Mail Address.


Part 3: Go to Printer Setup Maintenance (36.13.2, mgmgmt05.p), now a record needs to be created for the e-mail system.


  1. Set Output To to ‘Email’.
  2. Destination Type, click the look up and select ‘Email’.
  3. Finish creating the record with all other fields to defaults (blank).





Part 4: Go to E-Mail Definition Maintenance (36.4.20, mgemmt.p).


  1. Bring up the setup defined in Step 1.
  2. Click Next, a prompt will appear “Send Test E-Mail Message Now?”, click YES.
  3. This will generate a test e-mail to the recipient(s) defined with the e-mail addresses that were defined in the above steps.


QAD 2011 SE

QAD .Net UI 2.9.4

Progress OpenEdge 10.2B05

Red Hat Linux




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